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Community Table Coming Spring 2018


We are excited to announce that Community Table Restaurant and Bar will be reopening this spring. We don’t have an exact date yet but, we are hoping to open our doors before Memorial Day and work out any ‘kinks’ before the busy season kicks in.

We have spent the past months contemplating what direction Ct should go in next. We turned to Adam Riess, a Washington native and restaurant consultant, to help us define our goals and offer us options. Though many interesting ideas were discussed, hearing from so many of you who simply wanted Ct to come back the way it was, eventually swayed us to move in that direction.

Under Joann Makovitzky, my new Partner and General Manager’s watchful eye, Ct will re-emerge with many of the qualities we set forth in 2010, when we first opened. Joann, a CIA trained Chef and former co-owner of New York City restaurants Tocqueville and 15 East, fell in love with Community Table on a visit to our neck of the woods. She recently relocated to Washington and reached out to me to discuss the viability of reopening Ct. We are all working together now, honing the Ct philosophy to create Ct “2.0.” I know that her enthusiasm and dedication to the restaurant industry will follow the Ct tradition as she is committed to uphold our high standards and philosophy.

Community Table Restaurant & Bar

We hope that you are as excited as we are that Ct is reopening. Please click here to see our Coming Soon Page. Please also consider Community Table for your catering and special event needs throughout the year, as we are launching a full catering division. click here to learn more. You will find all the information needed . We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming all of you back.

Warmest regards,

Keith, Peggy and Greta Anderson

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treacle thump
treacle thump
3 hours ago

We trust that you share our enthusiasm about the reopening of Ct. Kindly click on the provided link to see our upcoming webpage. tunnel rush

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