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Rødgrød Med Fløde 

Rice Pudding, Berries and 

Ice Cream 16 


Warm Fallen Bittersweet Chocolate Cake 

lemon verbena poached cherries, 

      lemon crème fraiche ganache, salted cocoa nibs 16 


Brown Butter and Almond Financier  

Poached Rhubarb, Cardamom, Rhubarb Cream and Powder, 

Brown Butter Crumble, Strawberry Sorbet 16 


A Selection of Ice Creams and Sorbets 14  


New England Cheeses for two  

Honeycomb, Bake House Sourdough, 

Seasonal Mustard Fruit 24 



Espresso 4   


 Cappuccino 7 


French press coffee – twelve dollars - two people 

we are proud to serve regular and decaffeinated  

Zero Prophet coffee, Washington CT 

pot of tea – seven dollars 

choice of loose-leaf Harney and Sons tea 



English breakfast, earl gray, organic bartlett pear 

keemun moa feng and sencha 


naturally caffeine free 

 chamomile, Ct flower, rooibos, decaffeinated black,  

lemon verbena, ginger turmeric, peppermint 

Dessert Wines and Spirits 

2006 Sauternes, Chateau Laribotte, Bordeaux         -  25 

2016 Tokaji Aszu, Disznoko, 5 Puttonyos, Hungary     -22 

Poire William, Massen                                                 - 18 

Grappa, Camomilla, Poli.                                           -  14 

Genepi “ Yellow” by Forthave Spirits                            -20 

Nixta, Licor De Elote                                                     -14 

Bas Armagnac, Domaine d'Espérance VS                 - 19 

Cognac, Tesseron XO                                                 - 22 

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky                                           -22 

2019 Tawny Port, Quinta do Noval                               -19 

Tawny Port 20 year, Van Zeller                                     - 25 

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