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Friends, A great big THANK YOU to all our friends!! The reopening of Community table was a great success judging by your patronage and your reviews. It has been such a pleasure getting to know all of you and welcoming you back to your beloved Ct. As summer draws to a close, we are adjusting our hours for the autumn. We will be closed on Wednesday’s as of this week. That still leaves us open six days a week, and we hope that you will continue to visit, as Chef Paul Pearson introduces new fall menu items over the course of the coming weeks. Burger night continues on Tuesday nights and our Sunday Specials will soon turn away from our wood grill into Sunday roasts or stews. We open early for dinner on Sunday’s, 3:30 PM.

Additionally, look for our upcoming announcement on opening for Sunday lunch as well once our staff recovers from the very busy summer season. Again, thanks again for making the reopened Ct a big success and please don’t forget us as the cooler weather comes and the leaves begin to fall. And, remember that we are here for all your catering needs—-a special dinner party in your home, or a large gathering for a special occasion. All the best, Joann Makovitzky and the entire team at Community table

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