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Meet Karen Veillette
Ct's Head Bartender

Karen joined the Community table team as our Lead Bartender in 2020, bringing her unique passion for mixology and depth of knowledge of herbs and plants to inspire her approach to creating Community table’s ever-changing menu of cocktails. “I have always been fascinated by the magic of plants, and the art of crafting potions and recipes. Ct is a perfect environment to play with nature, to keep with our farm to table concept, to create cocktails using the freshest ingredients and the energy of the season.” says Karen. Her goal is to serve our guests drinks that not only please the palate, but also conjure up feelings, memories, and experiences.  “Over the winter I was walking in the woods one chilly afternoon, took a deep breath of cold air, sighed into the warmth of my heavy coat, and decided to make a drink encompassing the invigorating feeling of a “Winter Chill.” The drink— a blend of gin, rosemary, mint and crisp, sparkling bubbles—to this day is one of my favorite creations.



Community table’s hallmark ambiance, and Karen’s natural warmth makes the bar an easy and welcoming destination for casual diners and those just coming in to enjoy a special cocktail that is anything but ordinary. Being a bartender isn’t just about serving food and drinks, it’s about providing an experience.  “It’s my honor to be able to learn and navigate the needs of our guests in a way that is genuine and in alignment with my own love of the hospitality industry.” 


As a Connecticut native, Karen studied the culinary arts and hospitality management since high school. After a move to Boston where she worked front of house as server, bartender and then manager for Boston’s largest restaurant group, she moved across the country to Arizona where she studied Holistic Heathcare, herbalism, food energetics, flower essence healing and mind/body transformational psychology.  

 current favorite cocktail


Carrot Top

Dill infused organic vodka, brine,house pickled baby carrot ​

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