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Smart home technology can seem daunting at first; there are so many practical functions in the home that it can be difficult to imagine how one could seamlessly control everything coherently. While some homeowners go full automation by connecting every possible feature to smart home technology, other homeowners are selective about which features they would like to have tech-enabled and which they would rather do the old-fashioned way.

One can certainly enjoy the many benefits of smart home technology by choosing which aspects of one's home one would like to automate, be it the lighting system, home entertainment room or door locks. All of these can help musicians and bands protect their valuable musical gear and equipment. Some areas to consider include:

Smart locks

One way to take advantage of smart home technology is to use it as a home security tool, specifically by making locks part of your smart home. Tools like Goji Smart Lock and August Smart Lock enable keyless, Free music download smart home connected encrypted locking technology unlike vulnerable traditional locks. In addition, the app allows you to control who has access to the lock and see a record of who entered and exited the door, in addition to whether they unlocked the door from a phone or computer. The August Smart Lock runs on 4 AA batteries and also works when the power or wi-fi is off, with an alert sent whenever the battery is low.

Video recorder

There are several products that allow homeowners to screen and video chat with visitors at their front door before they answer. One example is the VTech video doorbell. In addition to giving you access to video chat via phone or computer, the video doorbell takes a picture of every visitor to your door, so you can know who stopped by while you were sleeping, not at home, or stuck in the garage.

Configurable lighting

The lighting in your home can have a significant effect on the mood of you and your guests. Dimmed lighting has the potential to calm and relax, while bright but uneven lighting can induce anxiety. As a result, lighting can have a major impact on the creative flow during a recording or jam session.

To ensure your home is lit the way you want it, with the ability to adjust it flexibly when needed, configurable lighting technology such as Hue Personal Wireless Lighting combines LED light with personalization, allowing users to set different shades according to their mood – from blue. /white to yellow/white or any color in the spectrum. The accompanying light software also lets you do things like turn the light on or off gradually, which is perfect for conveniently waking up or snoozing to sleep.

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