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Poker Terms - A Basic Login Joker123 : Link Alternatif Glossary had a lot of articles, but I noticed that none of them covered all the terms. While I have been talking about why players should be familiar with the terminology before they start playing, I didn't really focus on poker terms. Sorry. Here's the first installment of some commonly used poker terms. Some are only applicable to online poker (OP), while others can be applied to all poker.

Advance Action (OP).

This option is available in many online gambling rooms. This option allows you to indicate your next move even if it isn't your turn yet.

All In

This means that you will bet all your chips. When they run out of chips, players will go all-in. They do not want to lose. A player who plays all-in has a chance to win every bet up to the amount he placed.


This refers to the minimum amount of chips each player must put in before they can take part in the game. A blind can be used in some games instead of an ante.

Avatar (OP)

This is your online representation. You can select from a wide range of characters to represent yourself in online rooms.

Bad Beat

When you appear to have it all, you are a bad beat. Then suddenly, the statistical underdog appears and defeats you.

Bet the Pot

Pot limit games allow you to bet a sum equal to the pot. If the pot is $100, you can bet $100.


This is a mandatory wager that can be used instead of the ante. There are two blinds in a game: a large blind and a small one. Blinds are part the player's bet, and they rotate around the table.

Big Blind

The big blind generally has the same stake as the lower stake in a game of poker. The big blind is located to the left side of the small blind, which is to be found to the right of the dealer.


The cards at Texas Hold'em Poker - also called the board - are the community cards.


This card is used to play off-line poker. The top card of the deck is usually discarded or burned before the next card face-up. This reduces the chance of cheating. This is not possible in online poker.


This is a marker that is usually round and used to identify the dealer in a poker game. This button is sometimes called the dealer button, but it is often shortened to "button". The button is used in an online game for the same purpose, but it acts as a virtual marker. Only poker games in which the position relative to the dealer is important are eligible for the button.

Buy In

A buy-in is the amount of money a player must pay to play at a poker table. A minimum buy-in is required for any poker game, even those at home. The minimum buy-in for poker games is usually 10 times the amount of the big blind or higher stake. There are exceptions.


This term is used in betting. If someone bets $50, then the next person will CALL to see if he matches that $50.

Check out

Another term for betting is checking. This refers to when there are no pending wagers. If a person does not wish to place any money, he can check.


This cheating can be used in both offline and online games. This is where two or more players exchange information to gain an edge over other players. This can be done online, but it is easier than offline.

Community cards

Different poker games offer community cards. These cards are presented face-up and shared by all players at the table. These cards can be combined with any hand each player holds. Omaha Poker and Texas Hold'Em are the most popular games of community poker.

Dead Hand

A dead hand, as the name implies, is one that is not part of the game.


The flop is used for Texas Hold'Em Poker. It consists of the three first cards dealt face-up (and so become the community cards).


Five suited cards in one.


When he feels his cards are not playable, a player can fold and withdraw from the game. Even though it can be difficult for beginners to fold, folding is an essential part of poker.


Another term that is used in rounds of betting. A poker player can raise the bet to increase the amount, but that is not all he can do. He will have to raise the bet or match it.

These are just a few of the terms you will most likely come across when playing poker. While it is helpful to read and remember these terms, there are no better ways to practice and use them.