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How to write a short humorous story


Say everything you want to say in a small number of words. This is one of the most difficult tasks in writing short stories. It may seem more difficult to write a long book, but a short story should accomplish the same tasks, only with a limitation in length. Everything should come together by the end, but beyond that, the story should also be full of humor.

You can pay for paper have large-scale ideas, but it's important to remember that when composing a short humorous story, you are limited in the length of the text.

Don't leave the idea unfinished. The main idea in the story must be developed completely.

To reduce the volume, you can get rid of unimportant elements and words.

If you have said everything you wanted to say (either explicitly or with descriptions), you can consider that the idea has been fully realized.

For example, write my capstone paper for me to describe the complexity of human relationships, you would have to write a lot. But in a short story, you could cover, say, a single aspect of friendship (for example, forgiving hurtful words or actions).


Concentrate on what's most important. You may find it difficult to write your story if you haven't read similar stories by other authors. You can compress a long story or expand a short one, but it's more important to keep the key elements of any story in mind.

Some writers find it easier to write a long story and then shorten it. This approach guarantees completeness of thought.

Other writers prefer to start with a short passage and refine it. This makes it easier to write a short text, and this way you save yourself the hassle of deleting some parts of the text.

There are no right or wrong ways to write a short story, so choose what works best for you.

Whichever method you choose, make sure the narrative is complete, reveal the characters, and use humor wisely.

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