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Perfect Brides makeup artist in bangalore Makeup

The three most important areas of a bride's makeup artist in bangalore are her eyes, lips, and skin. The skin must be flawless, the lips should be full and soft, and the eyes should be defined and bright. No matter your bridal style, there are foolproof makeup artist secrets to help you achieve this flawless look.


A flawless foundation is essential for any bride's makeup. It can make or break the look. Every makeup artist strives to achieve flawless coverage, seamless blending, and the perfect amount of contouring or highlights for brides makeup.

Because of the photos, contouring and highlighting are crucial for bridal looks. The photos can make the face look flat and sloppy. Adding contouring to the face will help the makeup artist in bangalore stand out and give the bride a natural, dimension-rich look. The areas that need contouring include the underside of the cheekbones, the sides and temple (which also thins the skin), the jawline and the sides. Highlights are placed on the top of the cheekbones and the middle of the nose. Blend with the blusher.

Contouring and highlighting can look uneven in real life. No bride wants to appear a patchy mess in real-life, even though it looks great in photos. This can be overcome by changing the way you apply it. The best thing that has ever happened to brides makeup is airbrushing. The flawless look is achieved when the foundation, contours, and highlights are airbrushed seamlessly together. This is why airbrushing brides makeup has become more popular.


Eyes are the most variable areas for brides makeup. Sub-continental and Arab brides tend to have bright, dramatic, and heavily lined eyes. Western brides tend to use a muted color palette (grays taupes, light pinks, browns) and less liner. Whatever style of brides makeup you choose, highlight three areas of your eyes: the inner corner and the middle lid. These areas catch the light and create the illusion of a larger, brighter eye. They also give depth and dimension to the eyes when photographed. This is a good idea with a pearly white or cream colour.


A contour and a highlight are the keys to flawless bride makeup. Shade the corners of your lips darker than the rest to create the illusion of fuller lips. Next, press the highlight eye shadow (the same pearl as your eyes) into the middle of the lips. It won't change the color of your lips, but it will reflect light and make them look perfect.